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NBA 2K23 – Completed Classic Teams Roster – 67 Teams By MJWizards (PS5)

Online ID
Roster Name
Retro Extra

MJWizards released a completed classic teams roster that fixes all the default classic teams that come with NBA 2K23. This roster is only for the PS5, read everything that comes with this roster below.

Roster Features

  • All the missing players for all the classic teams in the game
  • Accurate info, bio, numbers for all the players
  • Accurate CAP for the missing players
  • Accurate Shoes and Accessories for all the players, no 2k shoes
  • End of the Season or Playoffs rosters for all the classic teams
  • Signature Style Fix for the most important players
  • Shot\3p tendency fix for all the players
  • Accurate Rotation for all the classic teams
  • At least 14 real players for every classic team, up to 15 if possible

How To Setup

Online ID: crazyh16
Roster Name: Retro Extra