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NBA 2K23 – Complete 2002-03 Roster By MJWizards (PS5)

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Roster Name
2003 Completed by MJWizards

MJWizards has released a completed 2002-03 (Kobe) ERA Roster for NBA 2K23 on the PS5.

The Roster Features:

  • Accurate info, bio, numbers for all the players
  • Accurate CAP for the missing players
  • Accurate Shoes and Accessories for all the players
  • End of the Season rosters
  • Signature Style Fix for the most important players
  • Ratings and Tendencies fix
  • Accurate Rotation for all the classic teams
  • At least 14 real players for every classic team, up to 15 if possible
  • Head Coach real name and lookalike face, when available
  • Extra CAP faces for licensed but not-scanned players
  • Free Agents list with all real players active during the season: undrafted, waived during the season or guys that played in Europe or CBA.

How To Setup

Select Kobe Era (2003)

Online ID: crazyh16
Roster Name: 2003 Completed by MJWizards