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Here’s a Day 1 2002-03 (Kobe Era) roster for NBA 2K23 on the PS5 by blessed2be_here. The roster features all real players. 50 plus “key missing players” added with appearance likeness, ratings, tendencies and proper contracts. 95% “non key missing players” have correct names, skin color, hair style, ratings, and tendencies. Rookie contract extensions have been added to make free agency more real in first 2003 off season and each off season going forward. All g league players have been lowered to below 65, and all key attributes (3 point shooting, on ball defense, and more) have been lowered. Total of 142 total roster moves or missing players added. All bird rights correct.

Injuries have been added to those who missed the entire 2002-03 season: Samuel Dalembert, Antonio Mcdyess, Terrell Brandon, Grant Hill (only played 6 games), and Hakeem (retired right before the 2002-03 season).

The MyNBA scenario has era specific settings to help stats replicate themselves. Pace has been lowered drastically and teams are a lot closer to early 2000’s output.

How To Setup

Go to MyNBA – 2K Share Scenario

Online ID: blessed2be_here
File Name: NBA 2K3