NBA 2K22 – Offseason 22-23 Roster By ZakMarcin (PS5)

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Here’s another NBA 2K22 offseason roster for the Playstation 5 by ZakMarcin including a bunch of edits you can read about below from his roster breakdown.

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Online ID: ZakMarcin
File Name: accurate sigs + offszn updates

Signature Edits:
– the pride and joy of my roster and what got me into this. I’ve been in the signature editing business since 2K10, back when there were only a handful of animations across the league. Nearly every single player has more accurate signature stuff from jump shots to free throws and dunk packages. But the best part is that I don’t only use my edits, this roster is comprised of the signature work of myself, but also some of the best from some of the other top signature guys on these forums.

Overall, 2K’s ratings are my base, and I don’t alter *every* rating. I’ve also incorporated every ratings update they’ve done. So if you compare, some ratings are very close. Overall ratings are generally higher due to badges, but the bottom line for my rosters has always been individual ratings > overall ratings. Do not get caught up in who’s “better” than who based on that.

– Three Point & Free Throw percentages: Every player in the league has their 3 pt & FT percentages tuned to match their regular season percentages. Playoff percentages will be averaged in for high usage players as teams are eliminated.

For threes, I use the same formula 2K uses. For FTs I use the true percentage. In some cases this varies based on factoring in attempts. i.e. Deandre Ayton shoots 37% from 3, but I wouldn’t give him the 84 rating the formula dictates with less than 1 attempt per game and vice versa for high volume shooters.


This is where the eye test comes into play and where you’ll see the greatest disparity in 2K’s ratings vs. mine. while 2K has improved with ratings over the years, their physical ratings (speed, speed w. ball, vertical, stamina) can still be straight up egregious. you’ll find a bunch of wings who in real life are fairly mobile that move super slow in the game, and they only update these ratings at the beginning of the year. for example, Cam Johnson’s 43 speed with ball rating. Go watch him on a fastbreak. Another example, Tre Mann’s 60 dunk rating and 68 vert. self explanatory.

– Most notable as well as lesser known free agents are also edited. Still working on getting them all done, so if you see one you want me to take a look at, let me know.

– G-League footage/stats are used to rate two-way guys and adjusted for the NBA

For those who have had very brief stints in the league recently, or got injured and waived, their stats will be based on the last season they received consistent minutes and took consistent attempts from three & the FT line. One of my biggest philosophies with attributes is that injury does not equate to decline in everything. Most injuries impact mobility related ratings, not things like shooting and passing.


One of the biggest reasons I got into editing rosters was that role players and lesser known players were almost worthless. There are a ton of badges in this game & there are VERY few players in the league that don’t deserve a few or at least one. Almost everyone does something well or is known for something. 2K hasn’t done well with using levels of badges. Tiers are there for a reason. Both role players and stars will be as effective as they should be.

Badges are even more crucial in 2K22 as there are so many playmaking badges that affect the movement of players, as well as badges that make players reliable shooters. The main goal of this roster is feel, not ratings. To reflect that, guards will tend to have the most badges. Speed ratings don’t cut it alone anymore.

The 3 main badges I’ve put an emphasis on redistributing are quick first step, sniper, and bullet passer – 3 essential badges.

Sniper – Shot timing is much more erratic this year but with sniper I’ve been able to correct it around the league. Timing is a good for skill gap, but it shouldn’t have you missing wide open shots on a basis. Stars and pure shooters will have it at the highest levels. Don’t think so literal with the name of the badge.

QFS – makes a huge difference with explosiveness off the catch.

Bullet Passer – nearly every player on the roster has this at some level, as I think it’s one of the worst things they’ve added. pass IQ and steals are already flawed, every player should be able to throw passes with speed, it’s the pros.

Additional badges I’ve emphasized:

Tireless Defender/Handle For Days. Neither of these are skill badges, they only affect stamina.

For example, bigs like Nikola Jokic can have a 99 stamina rating and still get tired extremely fast from banging in the paint. These badges are a way to counteract that as we know he plays a ton of minutes with a ton of usage. Same goes for guards. Dribbling takes more stamina than ever because 2K had to find a way to fight cheese. However on Hall of Fame difficulty (what you should be on) a player with HFD will still be penalized.


– All active players have been given more realistic/updated tendencies for better gameplay/sim results


– Updated for all high usage players, added for rookies

Player Priorities:

– Every player has re-evaluated priorities to limit contract anomalies. Vets will sign for minimums, less proven players will value money more.

Faces: all players that 2K hasn’t scanned have been replaced with more accurate faces + tats

always updated from their last game played. for some reason 2K barely put any effort into this, this year. (this is a harder one to keep up with so feel free to let me know if I miss something)


Free Agency:

– Updated DAILY, by the end of each night at the minimum. This will be the most consistent and quickest roster you’ve ever used as far as player movement goes, right up until opening night next year. Rotations will be finalized after the bulk of the free agents have been signed.


– Updated when needed. One year will be taken off everyone’s contract to ensure the future free agent classes are accurate. All options accounted for. Some team options have been added for players with a lot of unguaranteed money in their final year of a contract.

Supermax and even most max guys will have inaccuracies in the total of the contract because 2K only lets you go to a certain number per year depending on who it is.


– All rookies drafted are on their respective teams. Undrafted rookies on two-ways are being added in gradually. Summer league players by request.

– I rate rookies using similar formulas as I do for the regular players to an extent. I consume a ton of footage over the course of the summer.

– current rookies will have one year added to their years as a pro (as will all players) so they won’t qualify as rookies

– some players who are impending free agents or have unguaranteed contracts may be released to make space for rookies.

– rookie contracts will be estimated using + Spotrac. every rookie has a team option, rendering them a restricted free agent when the time comes.