NBA 2K22 – 2001-2002 NBA Roster (PS5)

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MJWizards has created a realistic 2001-2002 NBA roster for NBA 2K22 on the PS5 featuring accurate info, bio, numbers for all the players, accurate CAP for the missing players, accurate Shoes and Accessories for all the players, no 2k shoes, end of the Season or Playoffs rosters for all the classic teams, signature Style Fix for the most important players, shot\3p tendency fix for all the players, accurate Rotation for all the classic teams, at least 12 real players for every classic team, up to 15 if possible, head Coach real name and lookalike face, when available, a custom scenario ready to go on 2k share with rebrands for all the teams on 2k share.

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Online ID: crazyh16
File Name: 2001-2002 NBA

1. New Jersey Nets
2. Sacramento Kings
3. Washington Wizards (’06-’07 Wizards slot)
4. Los Angeles Lakers (’00-’01 Lakers slot)
5. Dallas Mavericks (’02-’03 Mavs slot)
6. Phoenix Suns (’02-’03 Suns slot)
7. Philadelphia 76ers (’00-’01 76ers slot)
8. Minnesota Timberwolves (’03-’04 Wolves slot)
9. Detroit Pistons (’03-’04 Pistons slot)
10. Portland Trail Blazers (’99-’00 Blazers slot)
11. Toronto Raptors (’99-’00 Raptors slot)
12. New York Knicks (’98-’99 Knicks slot)
13. Utah Jazz (’97-’98 Jazz slot)
14. San Antonio Spurs (’97-’98 Spurs slot)
15. Miami Heat (’05-’06 Heat slot)
16. Orlando Magic (Current Magic slot)
17. Milwaukee Bucks (Current Bucks slot)
18. Charlotte Hornets (Current Hornets slot)
19. Indiana Pacers (Current Pacers slot)
20. Chicago Bulls (’97-’98 Bulls slot)
21. Boston Celtics (’07-’08 Celtics slot)
22. Atlanta Hawks (Current Hawks slot)
23. Cleveland Cavaliers (Current Cavs slot)
24. Houston Rockets (Current Rockets slot)
25. Denver Nuggets (’93-’94 Nuggets slot)
26. Memphis Grizzlies (Current Grizzlies slot)
27. Seattle SuperSonics (’95-’96 Sonics slot)
28. Los Angeles Clippers (Current Clippers slot)
29. Golden State Warriors (’06-’07 Warriors slot)