NBA 2K22 – FHSH 2K22 Mod (PC)


Here’s a complete overhaul roster mod by Psamyou’ll for NBA 2K22 on the PC that turns your game in Fictional High School Hoops 2K22. The mod includes 30 High School Teams complete with branding and assets, fully fictional rosters with cyberfaces for every single player, fictional coaches with unique styles for every single team, One 150 man Freshman Class with cyberfaces, refinded in game text to match the high school aesthetic, fully branded assets and environments for different events throughout the game, a Regular Season experience the high school season playing in each team’s home gym in front of their own crowds trying to achieve the best record possible, Pangos Camp (All-Star Weekend) experience the Pangos Camp as the best of the best prospects in the nation get to show out in front of scouts from all over, Hoop Hall Classic (Play-in Tournament), GEICO NATIONALS (Playoffs) Compete in the national championship tournament to be crowned bets team in the nation, Nike EYBL (Summer League) experience the AAU circuit at the Nike EYBL. It’s the first chance to play with your new squad in a laid back envrionment, MSHTV CAMP (2K Hoops Summit) see the pool of 8th graders that will be entering high school in the next season, SLAM Summer Classic (Blacktop Mode) Enjoy the entertainment of street basketball at the SLAM Summer Classic.

How To Setup

Modded Files Download

Alternate Download Link

Mod Enabler built into the Mods folder to enable/disable as needed

*Use the FHSH Mod Enabler.exe in the Mods folder to enable different parts of the mod during different parts of the season during MyLEAGUE (Road to Nationals). Everything is labeled and should be pretty straightforward*

Username: Psamyou’ll
Roster Name: FHSH 2K22 Official

Draft Class is under the username Psamyou’ll

MyLEAGUE Sliders are under username “Psamyou’ll” and you MUST use them to get better statistical outcomes
Gameplay: Any sliders work, but it’s reccomended you play with the 3pt slider on 59!

For more information head to NLSC