NBA 2K21 – Ultimate 2K21 Offseason Roster (PS5)


PTsports84 has created an offseason roster for NBA 2K21 on the PS5 with the latest trades, free agent signings and rookie draft picks using Da InFaMous NY draft class. This should hold you over until NBA 2K22 releases next month.

Features included in the roster

– All Players Ages and Years Pro updated
– Unrestricted Free Agents moved to FA Pool
– All 30 Teams have Accurate Head and Assistant Coaches
– Player Ratings and Tendencies have been updated to better reflect their real-life play
– 2021 NBA Draft Prospects have been added to the FA Pool (CAPS are not mine as they are a mix of Infamous-NY & NBA2Kbeast2239)
– All Classic Teams have missing players added correctly (I did not edit any retro ratings, positions, or tendencies)
– All-Time Teams are updated to reflect key missing players
– Added international players who will be coming over to the NBA Potentially (Bolmaro, Krjeci, Madar, Simonovic, Jessup)
– Removed Players who moved overseas (Dellavedova, Melli, Nunnally etc), Retired or who did not play in the G-League or NBA last season.

How To Setup

Online ID: PTsports84
File Name: Ultimate NBA 2K21 Offseason V4 Roster