NBA 2K21 – Tokyo 2K21 (Xbox Series)

Xbox Series S/X
Jatt Nanga

Jatt Nanga created a 14 team 2021 Tokyo Olympic roster for NBA 2K21 on the Xbox Series S/X. The rosters are accurate to this summer’s actual rosters; this means that certain players will not be available, but that is the nature of national team competition. The goal is to recreate the international basketball experience in 2K21. This has been done through editing and rescaling all individual attributes and tendencies across the board. The idea is to maintain freedom of movement while being a more physical, execution based game where your primary reads may be taken away offensively and consistent defensive execution become more important than having better athletes.

The rescaled ratings have resulted in all players having higher than average ratings, but are necessary for optimal gameplay and player differentiation on-the-court – particularly defensively. I did not place much emphasis on sim results, so please don’t expect those to be spot on this time around.

How To Setup

Go to MyNBA – 2K Share Scenario

Online ID: Jatt Nanga
File Name: TOKYO

Team List:

ARGENTINA – 64-65 Lakers
FRANCE – 71-72 Knicks
LITHUANIA – 84-85 Bucks
SERBIA – 85-86 Hawks
UNITED STATES – 88-89 Pistons
TURKEY – 90-91 Bulls
SLOVENIA – 92-93 Hornets
GERMANY – 93-94 Nuggets
NIGERIA – 94-95 Magic
AUSTRALIA – 95-96 Sonics
SPAIN – 96-97 Heat
CANADA – 99-00 Raptors
CZECH REPUBLIC – 05-06 Grizzlies
ITALY – 10-11 Mavericks

Team Re-Branding is up to your preference, but I have all of the 14 teams included under my gamertag on 2Kshare. The main modifications to some of the existing files were arena edits, size of player name and number, removal of sponsor advertisements and accurate accessory color for each jersey.

I mistakenly used the classic teams, so the year number will show up initially after downloading a design. Once you download the relocation info, you will have to go back into the team branding and do the following:

Team Branding → Team Identity → Delete the last letter of the team name → Press Start → Re-Add the last letter → Save