NBA 2K21 – Summer Circuit 2K21 (PS5)

Da InFaMous NY

For the fifth game straight, Da InFamous NY has released the Summer Circuit 2K21 roster for NBA 2K21 on the PS5. The roster is the ultimate off season summer roster with 36 teams, over 70 custom jerseys, custom gameplay sliders and more. The 8 Drew League teams are mixed with real NBA players and fictional players from JB’s PS5 fictional draft class. Also on the roster are official summer pro am teams like the Crawsover, AEBL, Miami Pro League, The Goodman League and more. There’s also custom teams like the Mamba Sports Academy featuring Kobe and all the players that worked out at his facility, Team And 1, The 2021 NBA Draft Class top prospects, 2021 Team USA and more exciting teams to play with. The custom gameplay sliders give the game a more streetball and exciting feel to NBA 2K21. This is a 2K Share scenario so everything comes set up for you with a click of a button.

How To Setup

Go to MyNBA – 2K Share Scenario

Online ID: infamous-ny-
File Name: Summer Circuit 2K21

There’s currently a bug with custom courts on rebranded teams that 2K never fixed, please read the pictures below to navigate through that issue.