NBA 2K21 – 1989-90 Roster (PS5)


Big Doug Swan has created a realistic 1989-90 roster scenario for NBA 2K21 on the PS5. All 27 teams have accurate logos, uniforms, and courts. There are custom ’89-’90 uniforms for the 76ers, Bullets, Nets, Bucks, Pacers, Mavericks, Trail Blazers, Suns, SuperSonics, Clippers and Kings. Accurate rosters as of November 1, 1989. Each team includes a roster of 14 or 15 players. He added statistical analysis of each player to generate accurate ratings and tendencies. Accessories and shoes are updated for accuracy (i.e. no generic 2K shoes, lots of short shorts). accurate contracts! He created a custom formula to determine the value of contracts based on the salary cap differential (the cap was only $9.8 million for the 1989-90 season vs. $109 million today). This means that the Hawks have been saddled with Jon Koncak’s massive contract, and the Bulls have Pippen signed at a bargain. Dozens of real players in the free agency pool. These are mostly players who were in Europe at the time. Some, like George Gervin, are at the end of their career. Others, like Chris Childs, have gone undrafted and are fighting for a spot in the league. There are also a number of older veterans placed in the free agent pool for the purpose of having them retire and show up in the coach pool. This includes K.C. Jones, Paul Westphal, Dan Issel, Dave Cowens, and Bob Lanier.

He created a full 1990 NBA Draft class complete with over 60 real players. This draft class has already been loaded into the scenario. The 1990 draft lasts 54 picks, so this allows for some undrafted free agents as well. True to life draft pick status, with a total of 37 picks having changed hands for the 1990-93 drafts. If you’re looking for a headstart in your franchise, it may be fun to rebuild the Mavs as they have an aging team and 5 first round picks combined in the ’90 and ’91 drafts!

Also you can find accurate re-brands for teams are available by searching user ID bigdougswan8 that can be applied in the ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94 and ’95 seasons. These include the infamous “tie-dye” Nets jerseys and the Rockets “pajama” abomination.

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