NBA 2K21 – NBA 2K77 (1977) Roster Mod (PC)


Dlubell and a team that consist of Cheesyy, Chession, GPK, MJK, JJCreates, Loaf, Sticky-Fingers, Mahmood, Manni Live, Wes the Great, MartoLuthor, Psamyou’ll, Paulfieldstres, Thunder Shaq, and Sheeve created the roster mod NBA 2K77 which transforms 2K into the 1977 season. Featuring over 250 custom cyberfaces, dozens of custom courts and jerseys, stadiums, sliders, and more, they aimed to replicate the era as well as possible. The mod includes 1977 Base Roster, 1980 Rebrand Pack, NBA Relocations and Expansions pack, 1977 Draft, 1978 Draft and 1977 gameplay and MyLeague Sliders.

How To Setup:

(Looyhs hook and 2ktools required to use mod)
1. Open the mediafire link below and download the base roster and Lakers jersey fix.
2. Place the files inside of your mods folder
3. Open and enjoy!
The Roster is called “The Official 2K77 Roster” by dlubell on 2kshare
The Gameplay sliders are under the name dlubell.

For Rebrand packs:
Simply download these files and place them in your mods folder as well. Be sure to click “Replace the file in the destination” when prompted.

For Relocation packs:
Place these files in your Mods folder and click “Replace the file in the destination” when prompted. There is also a .txt file included. Open this file, and highlight and copy its contents. Then head to the team you are relocating in Looyhs 2ktools. Click “Edit team,” then click the button in the bottom left of your popup window and select “Paste from Clipboard”


For help and updates regarding the mod, visit

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