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MyNBA was introduced into Next Gen NBA 2K21 combining all the elements of MyGM and MyLEAGUE into one customizable experience but deep down the core elements are the same, the good and bad. I’m going to break down what this mode needs to take it to the next level.Da InFaMous NY

Cross platform rosters, draft classes and scenarios. Give users the opportunity to play content made by the community regardless of what platform they play on.

Improve the free agency logic. There should be a lower chance of superstars signing with small market teams in Free Agency. Older players should agree to minimum deals in Free Agency more than likely especially if the team was a contender the previous year.

Fix in game injuries, they don’t exist.

Overall boost for players throughout seasons should be toned down especially for those that barely get minutes.

Improve the logic of trades, the majority of the CPU trades are just them doing a trade just to do a trade.

Add Dynamic Player Tendencies. Dynamic player tendencies should change organically through out a career, for example a big like Brook Lopez came into the league as post up player but by year 9 in his NBA Career he started to shoot threes and those shot attempts increased each year after. Aging players should see a decrease in their dunking tendency and an increase in their layup tendency as they get into their mid 30’s. (unless you’re LeBron) I would love to see some cool random dynamic tendencies through out my simulations, imagine what year 10 Ben Simmons three point tendencies could be?

Give coaches a numbered based attribute system that includes an overall similar to the players. Let a coach with a good overall really make difference if hired by a team.

Add offensive and defensive tendencies for coaches and depending on the overall of the coach, these coaching tendencies could impact players tendencies. Someone who plays under Mike D’Antoni should see an increase in their three point tendencies and a decrease in their mid range shot tendencies. Defensive minded coaches like Tom Thibodeau should boost players contest shot tendencies and other defensive tendencies.

Add female coaching staff options.

Improve the auto generated draft class attributes and tendencies.

Let us get a preview of who we could potential draft by adding playable workouts like solo shoot arounds, 1 on 1’s and 5 on 5’s for draft prospects in our loaded draft classes.

Revamp the draft day presentation and give us a more exciting experience. Similar to how it was in myCareer a few games back let us see the lottery picks atleast walk on stage and shake Adam Silver hand.

Improve the retirement logic, too many young players retire early each off-season.

Let players ask for trades. In today’s NBA, the players have the power so let’s see that translate in NBA 2K22.

Allow us to edit the amount of Bird Years a player has in the edit contract screen.

Improved schedule logic based off previous season standings. The defending champions should play on opening day versus their finals opponent and top teams should get Christmas games.

Give us an option to add a MyNBA score ticker on the bottom of the screen when playing a game. This can give us a live look at the scores from other games in our season.

Add a weekly show in MyNBA that showcases the best plays similar to NFL 2K5 Chris Berman weekly recap.

Bring back the pre-season.

Add Carry over saves. Nothing screams next gen more than this feature right here. Let us continue our MyNBA seasons from game to game.

Add Carry over draft classes. If youre going to keep the Create-A-Player the same (Its been the same since 2K19) Let us import our draft classes from the previous game.

Let us do 4 team trades and give us more draft pick protection options.

Let us trade injured players.

Let us scroll from team to team while in the mass edit mode when editing a roster, this was in the game previously but removed for some reason.

Add 2K Share Moments, this allows players to create a moment in a NBA game and upload it for another player to play. In 2K Share Moments users get to choose the quarter, time remaining, scores, teams, possession of ball, difficulty and lineups. When a user downloads a moment, it launches them right into the game at that specific moment. Think of the amount of videos and creative moments people could create with this.

MyNBA Go, a dedicated NBA 2K website that allows players to have access to their MyNBA on the go. Whether you’re a roster/draft class creator and you want to make a quick edit but you’re not by your system or you’re a MyNBA Online admin and you need to approve a trade. Users will log into the site with their Gamertag or Online ID and have quick access to specific things such as ratings, tendencies, admin settings and more.


Allow us to rename the whole league, conferences and divisions. These edits will reflect throughout the whole MyNBA experience.

Let us remove conferences, divisions and add more teams to a single MyNBA season.

Add a new custom league rule that gives us the option to play two halves instead of 4 quarters.

Add a single season G League MyNBA option where players get to play a full G League season with no NBA teams attached and an actual playable playoffs. Custom rosters, team rebranding and all the core customizations from MyNBA should still be accessible.

Let us load a custom roster, apply team rebrands and add more teams to a MyNBA Playoff.

Give us the option to create a jersey and court for the NBA Allstar Weekend.

Let us select a retro filter from each decade for our MyNBA experience. If a user wants his whole MyNBA season to be in the black and white filter from the 60’s it should be an option. This would be great for classic roster creators.


Give us more than one scoreboard to choose from in our MyNBA, similar to the retro filters give us scoreboards based off their era.


Rebranded teams still show the previous teams logo & murals throughout the MyNBA presentation, automatically input our custom team logos in its place.

Scoreboard colors show the old teams primary colors, this should be fixed to display the primary color of the rebranded team.

Team shirts of a rebranded team in the playoffs and finals need to be fixed to show the new rebranded logo instead of the previous NBA team.

Give us more than 10 image uploads in the jersey creator.

Let us choose from different jersey textures in the jersey creator. Some examples are the 2005-2006 Shiny Jerseys that the Miami Heat wore and the 1998 Lakers jerseys with the mesh holes.

Fix the glitched colors on the jersey numbers and names. This has been an issue since the jersey creator was introduced.

Have an option that horizontally centers numbers and uploaded images on a jersey in the jersey creator.

Let us move our custom images on the neck and shoulder collar in the jersey creator.

Fix the accessory color slots, none of them work when selected. Let us manually choose a color for each box on each jersey. This seems like an ongoing issue for the past few games. Only one color shows as a color option for accessories on rebranded teams and it doesn’t even work when selected.

Improve the jersey texture quality for rebranded jerseys. Custom jerseys and all the custom images lose detail, become compressed and pixelated similar to what we had on the previous generation. With stronger hardware and higher resolutions this shouldn’t be a thing. Look at the difference between a rebranded jersey and an actual in game jersey below.

Give us the option to save our custom jerseys as an alternate instead of replacing the default team jerseys.

Give us the option to edit the names of the jerseys we get to create in the jersey creator.

Bring the T-Shirt creator that’s locked away somewhere in MyCareer into MyNBA and let us create custom shirts for the home team crowd.

Bring back the Arena Music Manager from NBA 2K13 and give us the freedom to customize the sounds of arenas. Let users import sounds to a USB and load the sounds inside the edit arena section.

Fix the washed out colors on both the jerseys and courts. I’m not sure if this caused by bad lighting in the arenas or what but nothing looks correct in game.

How it looks in the court and jersey creator

What you see in game

Allow us to freely put logos anywhere on the court. I would love to create courts like the old Houston Rockets court but we cant because of the image placement limitations. Either give us more options or provide us with a one texture template that we can customize and upload to

Add more wood floor patterns in the court creator.

Give us a choice of different floor lines for our created courts (high school, college or NBA.)

Let us add logos to the basket stanchions.

Let us create and upload alternate courts.

Give us new custom arenas to work with when rebranding, we’ve been stuck with the same 13 generic arenas since NBA 2K16. Let us create courts inside the multiple of new next gen gyms, arenas and outdoor environments displayed in MyCareer, The City, MyTeam, The W & The G League.

2K Arena Creator gets a next gen revamp that lets us fully scale and edit a basketball arena or indoor gym. Inside the 2K Arena creator we should be able to customize multiple of things. The bleachers, let us move and decide the size of the bleachers, this would dictate the amount of fans in the crowd we want. Baskets, give us multiple basket choices including the hanging basket from Pro-Am. Sideline, let us edit the amount of seats on the sideline and scorers table size. Walls, this would work similar to how it does in pro-am by letting us customize the wall colors of the indoor gyms. Miscellaneous, the option to move/edit and add interactive screens with custom images and the option to move/edit hanging banners and sponsor images in stadiums.


Let us upload face photos and put them on our created players similar to how WWE 2K has for their game.

Add more sculpting sliders and head preset options, forehead width and depth, jaw, brow angle, eye depth, mouth depth, position and angle. Allow us to make heads bigger with the skull sliders too.

Revamp the whole create a player interface, simplify it and make it less menu’s to scroll through similar to the MyPLAYER builder. We should get a live look at the overall of the player as we edit the attributes too.

Give us more hair and beard options.

Add the color palette for skin tones and hair color.

Add the ability to upload custom player portraits.

Add create a player archetype presets for each position, this could help people who want to create a fictional player quick without having to adjust ratings and tendencies themselves. Ratings and Tendencies will be generated based off the archetype selected.

Give us the body type options from MyCAREER.

Change the wingspan value to show the exact measurements instead of the current 0-100 slider.

Fix the shoulder width slider, it hasn’t worked for the past few games.

Fix skin blemishes and add a aging option.

Create A Player should get access to all animations locked in MyCareer such as in game celebrations and dunks. Let us finally give some personality to our created players.

Let us choose takeovers for our created players.

Overhaul the Player DNA interface, have it look like the Team Designs section so were able to preview faces, sort by most downloaded and bookmark our favorite creators.

Add a jump to freestyle button inside create a player that launches us into the 2KU-Freestyle Mode to get a quick in game look of the player we’re creating.

Add the option to turn off the create a player nickname. It can get annoying hearing the generic nicknames a million times per game.

Let us rotate the player when selecting a jumpshot. A bunch of the lower/base and upper releases cause weird angles, having the option to rotate the player will give us a clear straight on look of the jumpshot we’re choosing.

Let us upload images for tattoos.

Let us select a Menu Screen Pose for our created players that will be showcased when viewing them in the roster overview and team selection screen.