NBA 2K21 – Point Of Emphasis Roster (PS5)


AntdoggydoggPS has released his anual Point Of Emphasis Roster for NBA 2K21 on the PS5 that aims for the most accurate sim stats for MyLeague. Read below all the details about this roster and how to set it up on your PS5.

How To Setup

Online ID: antdoggydoggPS
Roster Name: 2K21 POEs

Here are the areas that are completed so far, only teams from the 2021 teams have been worked on so far:

– Points of Emphasis, for the most accurate Simulated Stats in MyNBA mode.
– Advanced Rotations
– Accurate Height Adjustments, down to half an inch thanks to the Metric System view
– Lateral Quickness, Speed, Strength and Vertical ratings updated to be uniform and based on real draft combine data.
– Draw Fouls ratings reworked resulting in an increase of +9 to the league average. Good for in-game fouls and simulated stats.
– Offensive Rebound and Defensive Rebound ratings overhauled so that they are based on Ben Taylor’s adjusted Offensive and Defensive Rebound rate. Which doesn’t just track how effectively you grabbed defensive rebounds that season, but how effective it was compared to the league average rate. For example if you look at the top Defensive Rebound % (which is the stat 2K mostly uses in their rosters) leaders throughout history they’re mostly all players from the last 10 years. That’s because teams have prioritized Limiting Transition points instead of crashing the offensive glass, which makes it easier for every player’s defensive rebound % to go up now. I think my method is ideal to come up with a uniform scale across generations.
– Commit Foul Tendencies reworked and slightly increased to help create more fouls during gameplay, while staying true to real life tendencies.
– Take Charge Tendencies reworked and slightly increased to help create more Charge/Blocking interactions.
– Box Out, Worm, and Rebound Chaser Badges completely overhauled to be more limited, and based on real stats to create a true to life game play experience.

What is coming in future updates:

– All of the above applied to classic teams.
– Updated Coach Profiles including Offense/Defense Grades, and true-to-life Zone usage
– Accurate/consistent ratings for steals, blocks, shot contest tendency and attribute, pass perception and hustle.
– Adjusted floater tendencies
– Badge Updates

For best results, pair with my MyNBA simulation sliders:

Team Pace 95
Possessions Per Game 95
Shots 100
Assists 100
Steals 60
Turnovers 100
Fouls 1
Shot Medium 40
Offensive Rebound Distribution 95
Defensive Rebound Distribution 5

I leave everything else at 50

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