The Team Design Creator In NBA 2K21 MyNBA Is A Mess

I’ve been creating jerseys and courts since the featured was introduced in NBA 2K16 so im well-versed with this feature and right now in NBA 2K21 it’s at a all time low. I will be going through the issues I’ve come across, if you have any other issues not mentioned leave a comment below.

Washed out colors on both the jerseys and courts

A feature I have been lobbying since forever was removing the color wheel and adding the ability to input a color code when creating a jersey or court to get the exact color we want for our custom creations. This was finally added but as of now its useless due to the colors being inaccurate and washed out in game.

How it looks in the court and jersey creator

What you see in game

MyNBA slows down and crashes when scrolling through the rosters after downloading and applying a second team design.

If you plan on rebranding multiple teams in MyNBA be aware because after you try to apply the second design, your game will hang for about 3 minutes or more, the game will then slow down as you navigate the menus and eventually crash once you start scrolling through the roster overview.

I recorded the bug in action.

Multiple floor edits in one MyNBA sitting will cause your game to have a save error when saving any other changes in the court creator.

If you’re like me and make multiple floor edits and saves in MyNBA you will come across this error. Closing NBA 2K21 each time and restarting the game has been my way around it each time it happens.

Disappearing corrupted Jersey designs inside MyNBA.

After creating a jersey or downloading a design, there’s a bug in MyNBA that has every image on the jersey disappear. When you go back into the jersey creator every location where there was an image prior to the bug will have a blurry transparent square in its place. Closing out NBA 2K21 and restarting the game brings back the design to its normal state.

Accessory colorways on rebranded teams don’t work.

This seems like an ongoing issue for the past few games. Only one color shows as a color option for accessories on rebranded teams and it doesn’t work when selected.

Rebranded teams still have old team colorways on sneakers in game.

I rebranded the Thunder but their colorway still shows on the sneakers in game.

My impression of NBA 2K21 MyNBA and the customization suite stays the same, it’s the best in sports video games but the mode doesn’t feel Next Gen compared to what the game offers in other modes.

Lighting is a key component to next gen graphics with ray tracing implemented but this is ruined once you decide to go with one of the 13 stock arenas in the arena editor. These same 13 arenas have been in the game since NBA 2K16, just imagine us having the option to create courts inside the multiple of new next gen gyms/arenas displayed in MyCareer, The City, MyTeam, The W & The G League.

Custom jerseys with images loses detail, becomes compressed and pixelated similar to what we had on the previous generation. With stronger hardware and higher resolutions this shouldn’t be a thing.

How an actual jersey looks in game

What we get when we create our own jerseys

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