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I just lost hours of work on tattoos created for prospects of the 2021 Draft Class for NBA 2K21 on the PS5. I have a early set of about 30 players created and half of them had custom tattoos that I made using the new tatoos feature for create a player. Once I added my prospects to a draft class, save and shared to the 2K server every single tattoo disappeared from all the players. If you planned on or are creating a draft class with tattoos involved I would wait a bit.

Bugs in the draft class section of NBA 2K has been on ongoing issue dating back the past few games with the age glitch that would reset ages to random ages as low as 13. Fast forward to Next Gen NBA 2K21, a new age bug has arrived that bumps up the age of the prospect once he’s added to a draft class. This is easily fixable just by changing the age back once he’s in the class but it gets repetitive doing this for every single player you add.

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