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Although the PC community will be taking a backseat as Next-Gen NBA 2K21 hits the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the modding community continues to innovate and expand their experience. Modder Jeek313 has created a tool labeled the Cyberface Mixer that allows you to combine the face, body, tattoos, hair and beard from multiple players in NBA 2K21 to create your ultimate fictional basketball player. The tool also allows you edit the muscle body type, eye color and arm pit color if you chose to.

This opens up the door to some creative fictional rosters and draft classes with realistic fictional cyberfaces, something that Jeek313 has already done. The pros to having realistic fictional players on rosters is not having have to use the in game create a player where those created faces stick out badly on the court next to scanned NBA players.

I messed around with the tool and this what I came up with.

This first creation is a combination of Alex Caruso and Lebron James with Kyle Kuzma’s hair and Anthony Davis tattoos.

This next creation is a combination of Carmelo Anthony & Dwayne Wade with Dwight Howard’s hair and JR Smith tattoos.

My final creation was a combination of Zion Williamson & Luka Doncic with Ja Morant’s hair and Birdman tattoos.

You can download the Cyberface Mixer tool by Jeek313 here.

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