Are Those Horrible Create A Player Head Presets Back In Next Gen NBA 2K21?

After watching the Next-Gen NBA 2K21 trailer multiple times something popped out to me when they panned to the bench. Personally I’ve created hundreds of players in NBA 2K so I know the create a player head presets like the back of my head and those same presets and features seem to be back based off this trailer.

Behind Steph Curry is the create a player head preset from above.

Here are more screenshots from the trailer showcasing more of the same head presets plus the same eyebrow glitch that has been in the game since the launch of NBA 2K20.

Unless we’re getting the upload face photo feature for Next Gen NBA 2K21 expect to see your creations from the previous 2 games to work in this game as well. Hopefully I’m looking into this too much but this isn’t good news for draft class and roster creators. If this is true, expect those create a players to stick out on the court in a bad way.

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