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NBA 2K20 – NBL 2K20 Roster Mod Demo (PC)


MonkeymanJSV has released the demo of his NBL 2K20 Roster Mod for NBA 2K20 on PC with the help from Shuajota, Xiskeg, Mahmood, Dlubell, losjosh, PettyPaulPierce, Krush, Thadoughboy15, Evy53 and karinge. The Demo allows you to play a grand finals series rematch between the Sydney Kings and the Perth Wildcats featuring custom cyberfaces, jerseys, courts & more. Expect the full version of the mod to release later this year, you can track the progress of the roster here.

How To Setup:

Download: NBL 2K20 Modded Files
Online ID: MonkeyManJSV
Roster Name: NBL 2K20 Demo

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