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With the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X approaching during the 2020 holidays we should expect NBA 2K21 to take leaps in various ways when it releases on the updated powerful hardware and so with less restrictions and more room to work with this is my ultimate wishlist. – @dainfamousny

The most requested feature for players who love to create draft classes & rosters, allow us to upload face photos and put them on our created players similar to how WWE 2K has for their game.

Bring the ui interface and features from the myplayer builder to offline create a player. Having all the attributes on one screen makes it easier and quicker to rate players.

Let us select the body shape for our created players just like in MyCAREER.

Let us select the takeover for our created players, currently it’s random.

Add more sculpting sliders and head preset options, forehead width and depth, jaw, brow angle, eye depth, mouth depth, position and angle. Allow us to make heads bigger with the skull sliders too.

Give us the ability to copy and paste preset slider changes of a CAP with a press of a button to different head presets without resetting the facial structure changes. It would save us a lot of time when trying to find the best head preset for the player were trying to create without having to input the slider changes each time.

Add more unique and realistic hairstyles and facial hairstyles that current NBA players have. Add some in game movement to the hair aswell.

Let us move the hairline up or down.

Let us combine the different facial hair options we have in the game similar to how it was in the older 2K games.

Add the color palette from the shoe creator into create a player so we change the color for eyes, skin tone, hair, facial hair, lips and eyebrows. The color palette tool lets us select the exact color were looking for by allowing us to enter RGB values.

Change the wingspan value to show the exact measurements instead of the current 0-100 slider.

Let us add Tattoos to our created players. With more system memory to work with this should be possible now.

Add all the celebration after two and three animations from mycareer into the signature: misc section in create a player. Also add all the mypark dunks into the packages of dunks.

Give us a description of each badge and how it effects the player in create a player.

Add a boom or bust slider in the vitals create a player section. This will effect the chances a player reaches his potential when drafted in MyLEAGUE.

Give us the option to rotate and slow down the shooting animation when selecting a jumpshot for our created player. Also add a button to the bottom of the screen that loads our player into freestyle mode.

Overhaul the Player DNA interface, have it look like the Team Designs section so were able to preview faces, sort by most downloaded and bookmark our favorite creators.

Add a Female Create A Player option.

Bring back park affiliations with new locations for each.

In NBA 2K21 not only let us select an outdoor park with our affiliation, let us select an indoor affiliation to play indoor games and have us wear official summer pro-am jerseys.

Have the Rec Center honor Kobe Bryant by changing to the Mamba Sports Academy.

Add the Drew League Arena to the Neighborhood and have it be the new place for indoor skilled based matchmaking games with ranked and unranked options. You will no longer play against people who are a higher overall than you.

Add unlockable MyCOURTS in MyCAREER similar to the old Terminal 23, increase the size of the MyCOURT and fix the issues of inviting friends. Examples of MyCOURTS we could unlock are Chris Brickley Life Time Sky Athletic Gym and Drake’s mansion indoor court.

Add private matchmaking, currently the popular thing to do in the neighborhood are 2v2 wagers. Bronny James has even got involved and the wagers headed by Tyceno has generated a buzz grabbing everyone’s attention. As of now, they need to go through loops to even play these games so adding private matchmaking that allows you to invite friends for instant games should be a thing in 2K21.

Not everyone has all day to wait on a got next spot, let players solo queue or search for a game with friends.

Add crossplay with Xbox and PS4, this could lead to some fun Xbox vs PS4 park events.

Add proximity chat in the Neighborhood with mute options + enable or disable options.

Let us respec our whole player build regardless on how far we progress.

Give us a performance mode option in the settings, performance mode would decrease the graphical settings in the neighborhood/park for improved smoother gameplay.

Bring back the T-Shirt creator to a lower rep and have a built in report system, 3 strikes and you’re banned from using the kiosk.

Allow us to upload logos anywhere on the court. The Court creator hasn’t been touched since it was introduced and its getting repetitive due to the lack of options we have. I would love to create the old Houston Rockets court but we cant because of the limitations. Either give us more options or provide us with a Photoshop court template that we can customize and upload to

Add the color palette from the shoe creator into the court creator and jersey creator.

Instead of replacing the original NBA jersey give us the option to add the new rebranded jerseys as alternates.

Allow us to create alternate courts and let us upload/download courts only in the team designs section with no jerseys attached.

Give us more arena options to choose from. Indoor gyms and outdoor courts are already in the game each year, we shouldn’t have to mod them from the PC into the team designs for console users to use in myleague.

Bring back the arena music manager from NBA 2K13 with custom arena music and sounds.

Let us upload images for the home team crowd shirts.

Allow more than 10 image slots in the jersey creator, have the front and back numbers centered by default, fix the accessory color glitch that happens after creating a jersey, fix the coloring of the numbers on the jerseys (they dont reflect the actual color you choose), fix the position of the last name font and size, fix the glitched fonts that have outline colors that wont change, let us move images across the whole jersey including over the collars.

A draft presentation update, the current draft screen is dull and boring. I should be excited to have the number 1 pick, atleast make the lottery draft picks unique.

Integrate a real playable G-League experience with real rosters.

Dynamic Tendencies and Badges, allow players tendencies and badges to increase and decrease the same way their attributes do through out their career.

Giving us the ability to customize the Allstar court and jerseys every year in MyLEAGUE.

Allow us to rebrand teams and use a custom roster in MyLEAGUE Playoff mode.

Customizable Division Conference & League names, If I want to make a fictional basketball MyLEAGUE, I should be able to change it from NBA to whatever I want.

A dedicated online website that allows roster and draft class creators to change attributes and tendencies away from their console. Users would log into the site with their gamertag or online ID and have the ability to edit their work on the go, think NCAA Football 14 Online Dynasty meets NBA 2K. This could help admins keep control of their MyLEAGUE Online seasons as well.

Add the Kobe Challenge mode, similar to the Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K11 give us memorable Kobe moments to play out in NBA 2K21. Some that come to mind are the 81 Point game against the Raptors, down 15 to the Blazers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in 2000, his 61 point performance at Madison Square Garden and dropping 60 points in the final game of his career.

Add the Kobe: Creating A Legend mode, just like in NBA 2K11 after completing the Kobe Challenge mode let it unlock this mode for players to take rookie Kobe Bryant into today’s NBA.

Add the Kobe: Path To Greatness Mode, just like in NBA 2K14 with LeBron let us decide Kobe’s path to greatness whether that be staying on the Hornets and not getting traded on draft night, going through with the trade to the Bulls in 2007 or staying with the Lakers your whole career.

Revamp the Blacktop Mode, it hasnt been touched this whole Xbox One/PS4 cycle, include realistic locations similar to what I mentioned for the Neighborhood and Park. Let the players wear regular clothes or jerseys.

Last season the NBA began to allow players to wear sneakers of any color at any point in the season, the rule change allowed players to be expressive on the court with custom player edition sneakers. Allow us to do the same by adding image uploads for the Shoe Creator.

Allow our created shoes to attach to our custom rosters & draft classes. If I was to create a roster right now with created shoes on players it would change to 2K’s default shoes when someone else loads the roster.

Allow cross platform rosters, draft classes and player dna. There are great creators on all platforms but some players miss out on big rosters because of their platform of choice. The team designs are cross platform so rosters, draft classes and player dna should be next.

Let us use team rebrands in Play Now mode, some of us don’t want to go all the way into a myleague to access our team designs.

Just like the jumpshot meter, give us alternate scoreboards to choose from.

Let us add the old school filters to classic team games.

We should be able to opt out of pop up VC ads. Personally I don’t buy VC and don’t plan to in the future so to always get these pop up messages when I launch the game is very intrusive.

More transparency with the community, give us in depth patch notes instead of the 3 sentences and the usual “and more” we get monthly.

Daily Player Appearance updates similar to how we get daily roster updates. If a player gets a new haircut we shouldn’t have to wait a month to get that updated.

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