Dyckman NYC Summer League Roster

NBA 2K20 – Dyckman NYC Summer League Roster (PS4)


No summer ball? No problem. Experience the Mecca of summer basketball with the Dyckman NYC Summer League Roster in NBA 2K20 on the PS4 as you can play as 16 different teams from the world famous Dyckman basketball league. This roster has realistic players from New York and New Jersey ranging from high school to the NBA/Overseas Pro’s. Another feature is the addition of Ken Stevens, the founder of Dyckman summer league, as assistant GM and announcers Cha Ching and Mr.TalkSpicy serving as Head and Assistant Coach. The jerseys are originally created by Da InFamous NY but are expanded by D4YNDN1TE to fit each of the 16 teams and an extra set of jerseys for the filler teams. You can find all jerseys on D4YNDN1TE in the relocation screen.

How To Setup:
Online ID: D4YNDN1TE
Roster Name: Dyckman NYC Summer Leauge

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