NBA 2K20 – Summer Circuit Drew League Mod (PC)

Da InFaMous NY

Da InFaMous NY is back for year three of his Summer Circuit Drew League Mod for NBA 2K20 on the PC. The NBA 2K20 Summer Circuit Drew League Mod is a total conversion of the original NBA 2K20 game. Included in the mod is a brand new interface design, a custom 50 song soundtrack, custom team murals and logos for all 30 teams, realistic modded jersey textures for all 30 teams, realistic court designs, modded arenas using blender, custom lighting for all areans by Deibys, multiple outdoor courts, fictional cyberfaces by TGsoGood & Jerry Gildner for the Drew League teams, the Dream Team and the 1992 Barcelona court, An all female WNBA Allstar team, a custom basketball and scoreboard, the kicksology sneakermod by Sean Barkley and custom gameplay sliders to fit the pickup style of basketball.

You can watch the video above to learn how to set it up on your PC and download the mod below.

    1. welcome to the summer circuit, the sliders are made to mirror what we see in offseason footage of nba players playing pickup ball. its a parody, dont use the sliders if you want the default sluggish gameplay.

  1. Could you send me a link to download only roster of this drew league because we are in a poor country so we can’t buy the game

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