NBA 2K20 – The Last Dance – 1997-1998 NBA Roster (PS4)


MJWizards is back with another roster, this time he’s replicating the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance with a full 1997-98 NBA Roster for NBA 2K20 on the PS4. Read some info on the roster below and watch the video above to see a roster overview.

– Correct info, years, bio for all the players
– Accurate Cap or Lookalike for all the missing players
– Head Coach correct names (and lookalike face if available)
– Accessories and Shoes for all the players, no 2k Shoes
– Signature Styles for the most important players
– End of Regular Season Roster
– At least 12 real players for all the teams from the 97\98 season
– All the 29 teams of the 97\98 season will be completed with 3 “John Smith” for player n.13, 14 and 15 to avoid the free agent when you start MyLeague if necessary.

Team Slots:

1. Miami Heat (96-97 Heat slot)
2. New York Knicks (98-99 Knicks slot)
3. New Jersey Nets (01-02 Nets slot)
4. Chicago Bulls (97-98 Bulls slot)
5. Washington Wizards (all-time wizards slot)
6. Orlando Magic (94-95 Magic slot)
7. Boston Celtics (all-time Celtics slot)
8. Philadelphia 76ers (00-01 76ers slot)
9. Indiana Pacers (all-time pacers slot)
10. Charlotte Hornets (all-time hornets slot)
11. Atlanta Hawks (all-time Hawks slot)
12. Cleveland Cavaliers (all-time Cavs slot)
13. Detroit Pistons (all-time Pistons slot)
14. Milwaukee Bucks (all-time Bucks slot)
15. Toronto Raptors (99-00 Raptors slot)
16. Utah Jazz (97-98 jazz slot)
17. San Antonio Spurs (97-98 Spurs slot)
18. Minnesota Timberwolves (all-time wolves slot)
19. Los Angeles Lakers (97-98 lakers slot)
20. Houston Rockets (all-time Rockets slot)
21. Dallas Mavericks (all-time Mavericks slot)
22. Vancouver Grizzlies (all-time Grizzlies slot)
23. Seattle Supersonics (95-96 Sonics slot)
24. Phoenix Suns (all-time Suns slot)
25. Portland Trail Blazers (99-00 Blazers slot)
26. Sacramento Kings (all-time kings slot)
27. Golden State Warriors (06-07 warriors slot)
28. Los Angeles Clippers (all-time Clippers slot)
29. Denver Nuggets (93-94 Nuggets slot)

How to find the roster:

Online ID: crazyh16
File Name: NBA 1997-98

  1. this roster is incredible but my only complaint is that you cant change the historic teams from 00-01 &76ers to just 76ers.

  2. I agree. You’d only be able to play 1 decent season then the next season, most teams would be signing the superstars from free agency.

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