2010-11 NBA Roster

NBA 2K20 – 2010-11 NBA Roster (PS4)


Jaiveer171717 has released his 2010-11 NBA Roster for NBA 2K20 on the PS4. This season featured the youngest MVP ever in Derrick Rose, the first year of the big 3 in Miami, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks championship team and more. Read some of the features of the roster below.

– All Player Ratings are adjusted to reflect their 2010-11 Season
– Realistic Player Potentials
– Rotations and Tendencies tweaked to my liking to produce realistic numbers.
– Correct Ages/Years Pro
– Correct Contracts

Here are a couple tips for starting a MyLEAGUE:

– Turn off “Previously Traded Draft Picks” in Settings.
– Rebrands are under PSN ID stole_ya_jahcoin. These rebrands are meant for court use only, meaning that you shouldn’t use the jersey rebrands when it comes to ultimate realism. The list of teams that need the rebranded jerseys is on page 3 of this thread.

League Meetings that need to be approved for the game to play like 2011:
– 2018 Draft Lottery style
– Shot clock resets to full duration after an offensive rebound
– All-Star teams are based on top vote-getters in respective conferences
– Trade deadline occurs one week later
– Division Winners get Top 3 seeds
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Filename: 2010-11 Official Roster

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