nba-2k20-ZTEN11-NBA-20-Reality Roster

NBA 2K20 – ZTEN11 NBA 20 Reality Roster (Xbox One)

Xbox One
Operation Sports

Zten11 has released his NBA 20 Reality roster for NBA 2K20 on the Xbox One featuring over 300 customized player signature shots, edited ratings & tendencies, set rotations, playing time and more. He also has custom gameplay sliders to go alongside the roster as well.

Xbox Gamertag: The1uLuv2hate3
File Name: NBA 20 Reality (Version IV)

Gameplay Sliders
File Name: NextLevel
Gamertag: The1uLuv2hate3

Zten11 also has an edited version of CK11 2020 NBA Draft Class.

Gamertag: The1uLuv2hate3
File Name: CK11edit

Click here to view his spreadsheet document displaying all the changes he made.

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