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Jeb4056 created 6 realistic fictional draft classes in NBA 2K20 for the PS4 with detailed scouting reports for each class. Read what he had to say about the fictional draft classes below.

I’ve done research on the last 12 NBA drafts to gauge how many elite players, star players, starters, role players, bench players should be in each draft class and will have the draft classes that I do be similar to those. I’ve also looked at the amount of upper and lower class-men that enter the draft each year, along with International players and will incorporate that into the draft classes as well.

Drafts will include gems, busts, and sleepers. I’ll incorporate this by using the Peak Start – peak end – and potential.

An example would be, 3 top players in a draft all with Potential’s over 95+…they would likely get drafted 1, 2, 3. One may turn out to be a bust and not get close to that 95 overall, maybe stay at their current overall or just progress a few points, or one may become a quality player and reach high 70’s – low 80’s overall and the third guy might live up to his potential and reach that 95+ overall.

That’s just an example of how things could turn out in that type of scenario.

The plan for this year is to put out at least 8 draft classes with the same type of layout as last year, including scouting reports that will include player pictures.

I’d like to thank Bigc45157 once again who has helped out with names of prospects along with player types for the recruits.

user id: john_cpcu
File name: DC-1
Scouting Report:

User ID: johnbaden
File name: DC-2
Scouting Report:

User ID: johnbaden
File name: DC-3
Scouting Report:

User ID: johnbaden
File Name: DC-4
Scouting Report:

User ID: johnbaden
File Name: DC-5
Scouting Report:

User ID: johnbaden
File Name: DC-6
Scouting Report:

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