NBA 2K20 – Attention To Detail Roster (PS4)

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CelticLG released the best roster for NBA 2K20 on the PS4, take a look at all the features included in this roster below.

Here’s a quick recap of the roster:

– All badges redone
– All attributes and tendencies reworked in order to provide more realism, the goal is to see the players playing like themselves
– Durability attributes updated for all the players based on real-life injuries
– Over 200 plays added to various league playbooks
– Play-types updated for all the players
– Real staff, coaching playstyles and POEs
– Positions were corrected for around 80 players, favoring the creation of real-life small-ball lineups.
– Hot zones updated for 350 players that attempted at least 300 shots
– All rotations are updated. Quick note: In 2k the players who start the game are also the same players who finish it. So the concept of fake starter cannot exist (even using advanced rotations at the first injury in MyLeague the cpu would reset them). So Harrell is the starting C for the Clippers, because IRL he plays 30 minutes per game while Zubac only 10.
– All heights are updated with the new measurements from (I’ve added 1 inch to everyone because of the shoes)
– Peak start/end (+ Play for win, financial security and loyalty) update for all the players with more realistic numbers based on the type of player
– Over 100 contracts errors corrected
– All injuries and transactions updated based on the opening night injury report
– Potentials corrections in order to give more MyLeagu’s stability and have a balanced number of 80+ players during the years
– Accurate sim stats
– Accurate sliders for realistic contracts
– Accessories are updated for 60 players (a lot more players will be updated in the next version).
– All generic 2K faces replaced with high-quality CAPs (credit to javov, cdk10, Da Infamous NY and Clutch0z).

Name of the file: ATD Roster 2K20
File without injuries: ATD Roster w/o injuries
PSN: CelticLG34

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