NBA 2K20 Create A Player, Roster Creator, Draft Class, Jersey Creator Bug List

Here is a list of known NBA 2K20 bugs and glitches in create a player, roster creator, draft classes and the jersey creator. This list will be updated as more come to light, if you found any more issues leave them in the comment section below.

Create A Player

4 of the eyebrow choices when creating a player are glitched and have a faded look.

The body length and shoulder slider doesn’t work.

Hair Colors are missing in offline create a player. We should be able to choose the same colors from the barbershop on all head presets.

Only one of the blemishes choices actually shows on the face, it was like this in 2K19.

Draft Class

Players that are added to a draft class decrease in age when the class is edited.

Roster Creator

While either on the PLAYBOOK screen or PLAY TYPE screen, when you press B (circle on ps4), it takes you out of the roster editor without saving your data. The save options do not appear.

Help Defense is missing from the COACH PROFILES menu.

Reaction Time (Attributes) and Years Pro (Vitals) are missing from their respective categories in the Quick Edit menu.

The “quick edit” feature of the Roster Creator will not allow me to edit on the “All Players” tab, scrolling me back to the Sixers if I try. Strangely enough, this feature works in myLeague, just not in the actual roster creator.

Jersey & Court Creator

The player model is too zoomed out when adding images to the jersey, its hard to see where we are placing the images on the jerseys.

Rebranded teams still show the old teams colors on the scoreboard.

Preview thumbnails in the team designs section are glitched.

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